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Archie vs Godzilla by Ninjaraph
Archie vs Godzilla
So Mr. Lodge had business in Japan and decided to take Veronica with him. Despite always dumping him for the first good looking guy that comes along, she convinced him to bring Archie along. But since he knows what'll happen, Mr. Lodge decides to also bring Betty. Well, the inevitable happens, so Archie and Betty spend more time together.  It's while they're in Tokyo that Godzilla makes an appearance.
I came up with this last summer when they came out with the Archie vs Predator mini-series, and the Archie vs Sharknado special. I know it doesn't really look like the king of the monsters, but it was my first time drawing him. Same for Archie, actually.
If anyone wants to know how this turned out... well, hope you enjoy this.
Almost Got 'er by Ninjaraph
Almost Got 'er
A request I received from XZbeetleman for Poison Ivy tied up with duct tape, on her bed, wearing her outfit from the episode "Almost Got 'im." With her captor being a plant clone. I got the idea while drawing it to add an explanation for her very different appearance in "The New Batman Adventures" or "Gotham Knights" whatever they wound up calling it. Hope you like it.
Ultimate Wasp by Ninjaraph
Ultimate Wasp
I had a request (from someone who wishes to remain anonymous) of Wasp in her costume from the Ultimate Avengers movie, tied to a chair with duct tape. I like the avengers, and the Wasp specifically, so I had no problem doing that. Thought she looked pretty hot in those movies. So here she is, straight from Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, or perhaps Ultimate Avengers 2, either way, Janet Van Dyne, the wonderous Wasp.
If anyone has a character they'd like me to draw, feel free to ask. I like drawing women in their swimsuits or underwear, people seem to mostly enjoy when I tie them up, but I'm not limited to that.  Nothing graphic though.   Otherwise, just send a note and let me know what you want. and feel free to comment on any of my art. Feedback is always appreciated.
Commissioner's Daughter by Ninjaraph
Commissioner's Daughter
Riddle me this: Why is it the criminals of Gotham City never use the police commissioner's lovely daughter as a hostage?
Someone's thought of this now, and grabs her as she's going for a workout. Or maybe it's after, who knows? But they're clearly not worried about her dad's friend. You know the one...
If you'd like to see more of Barbara(one way or the other) all you need to do is ask. Meanwhile, please enjoy this one at the very least. 




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